Treatments & Services

 I am able to offer you a comprehensive full range of services aimed specifically for your foot care.

From consultations to Diabetic foot health care.


We will have your feet in tip top condition!


Verucca Treatment

A flat wart caused by a virus, they can be painful and this if often due to the build up of callus on top of the lesion. This callus is easily removed to give immediate relief and allows medicaments if you wish to use them to penetrate directly into the wart. Verrucas over time will disappear without treatment..


Corns & Callous Reduction

This is hard skin, conical in shape that has been produced due to pressure from walking or footwear. It can be very painful. This is easily rectified by painlessly reducing or enucleating the hard skin using a blade and padding applied to remove the cause of friction.


Nail Cutting

The care of toenails and  is often discarded as a minor aspect of personal care, even though having healthy and clean nails is hygienic and can prevent the onset of infections.

If toenails are not cleaned and cut correctly, you may be at risk of getting fungal infections, brittle nails and nail splits and it might not be possible to detect any abnormalities that could highlight other health problems.


Diabetic Foot Care

When you have diabetes your feet require a little extra care and attention. Diabetes can damage the nerve endings and the blood vessels in your feet, making you less likely to notice when your feet have been injured.

People with diabetes are far more likely to develop complications such as foot ulcers. Research shows that people with diabetes who take care of their feet are less likely to develop ulcers.

It is recommended you see a foot health practitioner for a regular foot health check.


Overgrowth of fungi on or under the nail can cause an infection. This may result in yellow and white streaks forming along the nail, or it lifting away from the nail bed and feeling brittle. There are many causes for fungal nails and each is treated differently.


Ingrowing Toenails

Some people are more prone to ingrown toenails due to the natural shape of their nail. Early treatment is highly recommended before the ingrown nail leads to infection and further complications. Often the nail hasn’t started to grow into the skin, however pain is experienced as the sharp nail edge presses into the side of the toe. They often reoccur and regular treatment may be required. Treatment is to reduce the width of the nail by cutting or filing then shaping and training the nail to grow in a pain free direction.


Fungal Nail Treatment